Breaking past the ordinary and venturing into the unchartered is the Uchida way.

The Uchida Corporation was founded in 1968 by my mother and father who manufactured mannequins in the factory on our property. Our solid philosophy of unified stance, proper appearance, optimism, and courtesy, enabled us to endeavor to new technological challenges where no one has yet ventured into. Since then, through unyielding devotion and effort by our staff members, we have been producing highly efficient, extremely heat resistant, and utmost quality products that the world demands.

Through countless hours of research and development, great advancements in our very own system of manufacturing process lead to the realization and discovery of the true potential of the composite ingredient. What started as manufacturing components for 2 or 4 wheel vehicles to race in the local mountains turned to supplying critical parts for the aerospace, industrial, robotic, and medical industries. 2011 was the first year our company has expanded its reach over seas where we had developed a technologically advanced helicopter blade in-house.

We as a company will strive to utilize our past experiences and reliance to strictly meet the demands of our clients. By combining the best composite materials and unlocking its potential, our duty is to contribute to technological innovation and advance into the future as a unified corporation.