Quality JIS Q 9100 and JIS Q 9001 certification obtained in 2007. This endorses the entirely of raw material management, manufacturing, and the production processes.

NDI[Non Destructive Inspection]

A Non-Destructive Inspection method is used in order test the materials where the manufacturing process may have produced inadequate areas which are naked to the human eye. This is done by transmitting ultrasonic waves into the product to see if there are any contaminations (foreign objects) in the layered surfaces as well as impure ingredients in the glue.

Leica Laser Tracker[3D Measurement]

The results gained in various coordinates of the surface then are aligned with the 3D data to confirm the integrity of the item. This coordinate / 3D tracking alignment method is currently the most accurate and efficient way of checking abnormalities. It is also compact and mobile compared to the bulky gated measuring equipment, as well as the adaptation of a probe can access hard to reach areas. By having these kinds of efficient equipment on hand, a product of the highest degree can be produced as an end result.

JIS Q 9100・JIS Q 9001 Certification

JIS Q 9100 & JIS Q 9001 certified in 2007. This product quality management system enables us provide with full confidence, the finest products that the clients can trust.
・Scope of Certification
Production of FRP Test Specimen for Aerospace.