Technology Providing our clients in full confidence with products that are embodied with the art, knowledge, and soul of our experienced craftsmen.

Layer Integration Technology

All layering is performed in a North American standard compliant cleanroom which keeps external elements from contaminating the project. The conscientious craftsman layers the fabric that corresponds to the Unidirectional (UD) material and applies them to the necessary areas to produce shapes that promote structural integrity. Various thickness are also utilized to enhance artistic conception and function, all done inside our Autoclave capable of 400°C. The end result is a superbly heat resistant CFRP unit.

Precision Modification Technology

A design comprised of careful consideration of layering and proper shape formation is implemented by utilizing the 3D CAD/CAM to counteract against dimensional distortion from heat. A highly accurate machining center is equipped with a 3 and 5 axis machining tool which performs precise trimming and drilling. The key point to our high quality craftsmanship lies in our manufacturing process where each specific duty is planned out carefully until the final step.

Hand Trimming Technique

Skilled human hands take care of areas where the machines are not capable of, such as surface treatment/coating, assembly/adhesive application, and painting. The specialists who perform these tasks require exceptional skill, knowledge, and a wealth of experience. Every one of our skilled engineers perform their duties with full confidence and pride. Nonetheless, machine or hand finish option is both available for the client.