total support The manufacturing process of the carbon fiber swingarm.


A detailed project is outlined from consultation with the client. Here, the Uchida Corporation presents the project with the full potential of the technology and skill available on hand.


The prototype design is generated by carefully considering the targeted and conceptual requests by the client.

Design & Analysis

The component is designed with 3D CAD/CAM making best use of each material constituent.

Mold Construction

The mold is made from CFRP, low shrinkage resin, artificial wood, silicone, or metal to precise specifications.


The material is cut on a plotter and is layered in a temperature and humidity controlled cleanroom.


By utilizing our various sized Autoclaves (3 types) and oven (4 types), the project finally begins taking its shape.

Secondary Processing

The component then undergoes further trimming from the 5 axis machining tool and hand finished by skilled engineers.

Paint & Finish

Various paint and finish is applied to where the component will maintain its beautiful look for long years to come.


The component is inspected by a 3D laser tracking device as well as other non destructive testing equipment to ensure the highest of accuracy as per its initial design.


The finished component completed by dedicated artisans will now be delivered quickly and safely to the client.

After Care

Dependable customer service regarding product after care is done by our courteous staff.