Primary Use

CFRP is used in such large scale industries as Aviation and Automobiles (F1 Racing) as well as for every day items such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, fishing poles, automobile chassis, and computer motherboards.

Aerospace IndustryRockets, Satellites, Combat Aircrafts, Commercial Aircrafts, and Helicopters
Motorcycle・Automobile IndustryRace cars/Motorcycles (F1, GT, MotoGP) ・High-end Sportscars・Competition Race Vehicles
Railroad IndustryRailcars Bullet Train (Frontal Portions of 700 Series)
Oceanic IndustryDeep Ocean Survey Vehicles・Boat Racing
Manufacturing IndustryMeasuring Devices・Conveyor Robotic Arms・Laptop Computers
Construction & Civil IndustriesUtilized in bridges as corrosion resistant building material
Energy IndustryWind Power Fan Blades & Powerline Cores
Sports・LeisureGolf Club Shafts・Tennis Rackets・Fishing Poles・Bicycles
Medical IndustryRadiology & CT Scanners・Wheelchairs・Orthopedics